Billy Seaman has been guiding on Cedar Creek for 8 years. He specializes in half and full day trips for white bass, hybrid striper and crappie. He also offers night trips (4 hours) during the spring and fall for whites and hybrids. Billy’s knowledge of Cedar Creek will make your trip a learning experience and enjoyable - for adults and children alike! His goal is to increase your fishing ability, catch fish and do it all while
riding in comfort in a 22’ Skeeter Bay Boat.

Cedar Creek is teaming with fish. Limits of white bass are almost a given during the summer months. As the thermocline sets in the fish will stage shallower making it easier to find and catch them. The plentiful hybrid striper in this lake average 6 pounds with fish over 10 not that uncommon. The lake record is 13.15 pounds. The best time for hybrid fishing is April-May and then again during the month of November. It is also a great crappie lake. It is not uncommon to catch your limit of crappie without any under 10 inches. Most weigh over a pound with 2 pounders not that uncommon.

It is an easy lake to fish. Wind can be a deterrence but there are spots you can find that are out of the wind. Weekends do get crowded but weekdays are basically you and the fish.

8 Years in Business - All Tackle Furnished
2 people (1/2 day) $250, 2 (full day) $325 - $75 per additional person - to book a trip call (972) 768-1811 or email